A Fresh New Start

Refresh, Realign

& Reignite Yourself in 2017

Enhance your wellbeing with nutrition + movement


Master your thoughts + renew your mind



Find clarity + direction with deep soul sessions

Embrace serenity + solitude and reconnect within


Renew Your Mind

Restore Your Health

Restart Your Life

30 Days Of You

Become part of a movement of women who want to renew themselves from the inside out

Gain access to mind, spirit, body + soul coaching + resources worth hundreds to support you in this journey

Set intentions and master your life through step-by-step guides, e-books, meditations and programs delivered weekly

Be supported, celebrated, encouraged and empowered by a global sisterhood all moving towards the same vision.

Gain clarity and energy with a plant-based & wholefood superfood (antioxidants + omega's) designed to renew and restore your body's systems

What Is 30 Days Of You?

A 30 day challenge for women to refresh their mind + body, realign their life and reignite their soul.

How Does It Work?

+ We believe in helping women to love and embrace themselves, just as they are. Where kindness, compassion and forgiveness lead the way

+ We believe in the power of support - the sisterhood. Together we collaborate,  guide each other & hold space so that    we may grow and flourish

Sound amazing? We think so.

+ We believe that women must put themselves first.  Where taking care of YOU is a new way of being and the key to success, abundance, and a life of happiness

Every week a new theme is launched:

27th January 2017 // Week 1: Mind - Wellbeing + Self-Worth

3rd February 2017 // Week 2: Spirit - Serenity + Reconnection

10th February 2017 // Week 3: Body - Nourish + Movement

17th February 2017 // Week 4: Soul - Purpose + Passion

+ We believe in the importance of clean living through powerful nutrition and wholefoods and moving our beautiful bodies for strength, vitality and energy

Each Monday a new video is released sharing the focus for our week together. Your guides, meditations, e-books + resources are published as you move through the week enabling you to renew from within and reignite your life!

+ We believe in women living their best life; on purpose, fully aligned and led from the heart.
 Changemakers, lightworkers and women of soul.

Get involved! Share your realisations, intentions and ask for guidance from our team of Lifestylers


Say 'I'm in!' and we will share how you can get started. You will be welcomed into our private facebook group. A welcome message will outline our 30 Days together and your next steps.

With hundreds of dollars of e-books, tools, meditations and audios to guide you as well as personal coaching within our private community this value packed 30 days will positively impact your mind, spirit, body + soul













TOTAL VALUE AUD $1558.54 (but you don't pay this!)

What You Get

30 Days Of You

Renew Yourself + Reignite Your Life Online Challenge


Embracing a new sense of wellbeing + self-worth

- Gain Confidence, Clarity and Control Of Your Life Online Masterclass 

- Living Your Life With Intention Masterclass

- Heal Your Relationship With Money Masterclass

- 3-Part Money Manifestation Masterclass

- Pink Light Technique For Improving Relationships (meditation + PDF)

- 21 Days to Free Your Mind, Fuel Your Body & Feed Your Soul 

- 2017 Calendar: Beach Photography By Ivy & The Fox



Softening into serenity + reconnecting within

- Transmute Stress Into Gold Gratitude Guide & Soul Inspiration + Consult

- Celebrate Your Spirit: 7 Soulful Ways To Spark Your Heart + Guide You To Peace

- Learning To Soften Your Control Workbook

- Pineal Gland Technique For Deeper Sleep & Healing (meditation + PDF)

- Inner Transformation Meditation

- 21 Days Of Radiance Meditation Album


Nourishment + movement

- 7 Simple Steps To Regain Your Energy

- A Gentle Cleanse Online Program

- 30 Ways To Improve Gut Health & Leaky Gut 

- Healthy & Delicious Recipes: Gluten Free and Wholefood 

- Raw Chocolate Desserts & Luscious Smoothies Recipe Guides

- Online Yoga Class – 40 minute Rejuvenating Vinyasa Flow

- Busy Women's Workout Plan 'Toned + Fit In 20 mins Per Day'

- Top 10 Tips for Weight Loss Without Dieting

- Stretch For Life Guide

- The Rhythms of Woman: A guide to empower your life and embody your feminine wisdom by understanding your female life cycles

- Art Of Communication Body Language Mini-Masterclass

- Plant-based & wholefood superfood (antioxidants + omega's) 

Incorporating the BODY element, gain clarity of mind, energy and all over well-being using an all natural, GMO free 30 Day plant-based & wholefood superfood (antioxidants + omega's) alongside your journey to renew, restore and revitalise your cells. This is all you need to take for entry into the challenge and best of all it has a money back guarantee!

Valued at








BONUS 2: Personal Coaching

Daily tips, coaching + support within the community from our Lifestylers Panel and the sisterhood


Igniting passion + purpose

- Chaos to Creativity

- Future Self Guided Visualisation: Gain immense clarity on the changes you need to make within yourself and your life in order to live your ideal life.

- Guided Meditation For Inner Transformation Album

- 2017 Mission Statement + Find Your Voice Meditation

- Mindful Morning Series e-book














BONUS 1: The Beautiful Bundle:

- Vision Creation Workshop: Achieve Anything You Desire

- Inspired: A DIY Retreat & Guide To Distil Your Dreams & Clarify Your Visions

Priceless (many of the coaches no longer work 1:1)

Are you ready to kickstart  2017 in mind, spirit, body and soul? 

Go back to the person who sent you this invitation and ask how you can join our challenge to gain access to over $1400 worth of mind, spirit, body + soul coaching and resources.


Life Coaches, Wellness Advocates, Alternative Health Practitioners & Fitness Professionals all supporting you!

Meet Our Tribe + Your Mentors

Debbie Spellman

Mind Detox Therapist + Coach

Claire Obeid

Life + Wellness Coach

We are a collaboration of women passionate about seeing people enhance their health, wealth, happiness and life!

Tenar Larsen Roberts

Life Coach

Valeria Ramirez

Wellness Coach + PT

Connie Chapman

Life Empowerment Coach

Aliky Kouroupis

Energy Healer & Coach

Danielle Eva

Wellness Coach

Anjanette Fennell

Writing Coach

Loveday Why

Health Coach

Camille Pruitt

Personal Trainer

Amanda Fisher

Kinesiologist & Womens Mysteries Teacher

Alissa Buttiglieri

Life Coach

Roshini McCartin

Yoga Teacher

Lila Ishaya

Meditation Teacher

Kate Barnes

Scientist & Holistic Health Coach

Sharna O'Connor

Exercise Physiologist, Sports Nutritionist & Coach

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

Author & Coach

Nicole Perhne

Life Coach

Pauline Hanuise

Holistic Health Coach

...and so many more mama's, corporates, business owners + young women who desire to live an extraordinary life!

Rena Joy

Health & Life Coach

Katie Petersen

Personal Trainer

Paula Holsgrove


Rebecca Perrone

Communications & Networking Specialist

Nichola Veitch

Yoga Teacher & Health Coach


Officially commences Friday 27th January 2017

Join now to get started + begin diving into your 

30 Days Of You resources & Beautiful Bundle Bonus!

Follow these two steps and you're ready to go!

Getting Started


Go back to the person who sent you this invitation to find out how you activate the BODY element and join us in this 30 Day challenge.

Want in?

Our 30 Days Of You movement begins 27th January 2017. In the meantime come over into our private community and introduce yourself. Set your intention as per your welcome message and enjoy your Beautiful Bundle Bonus. We can't wait to meet you!


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